It’s hard to sell me on the benefits of teaching our kids their ABCs at this point in time. Yes, all the letters need to be taught. But the order is wrong. We live in an age of QWERTY. My kids pick up my phone and try to type in words and the keyboard is an enigma to them. Sure they know the alphabet, but not in that order.
In this day and age, it’s hard to live in the past when things are moving so quickly. The reality is that we type all day (so much so that cursive writing is becoming out of favor). If you want to prepare your kids for their future don’t teach them the alphabet in ABC order. Do them a favor and teach them their qwerty’s. It’ll serve them a lot better over time.


  1. You ready to pen,….err……., I mean type a new tune? Not sure if Sesame Street has picked up on this yet. Could be worth millions.

  2. The problem is we don’t sort lists in QWERTY order. You teach them ABC’s in order to deal with lists sorted in alphabetical order. It’s bad enough so many people at cash registers can’t make change if you give them coins after they already entered the cash tendered. Lets not make it so that can’t figure out where a name that starts with A is compared to one that starts with W is on a list.

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