Xbox Music celebrates Pi Day

Tomorrow is an extra special Pi Day: It’s 3.14.15, and it only comes around once a century. So to celebrate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, an annual subscription to Xbox Music will [...]

The iWatch we can all afford!

Hine Mizushima is a designer and illustrator currently living in Vancouver, Canada. She recently posted this set of pictures that I’ve now seen in a few places online. I have 2 great-nephews, 3 and 1. I [...]

Holiday Music Deals from Microsoft

In October, Microsoft launched Music Deals, a universal app that ever Tuesday, brings you free and discounted songs and albums. For the next 4 days, there are 100 free albums that are sure to have something [...]

That’s no moon…

…it’s ThinkGeek’s Death Star Bluetooth Speaker. Yeah, I want this on my desk at work. Hmmm, with Christmas coming, maybe we can share our favorite gadgets with you. What do you think? [...]

Free alert!

The Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1 is free in the Google Play store (sorry, US only) today. What are you waiting for? [...]

In Cuppertino, Apple takes a bite of you

  As if it were a totally brand new concept, Apple recently rolled out ApplePay, an NFC-based payment system. You can use your iPhone to pay for things in retail store, putting all your payment systems [...]

Siri will help you hide a body, Cortana says WTF, Chief?

In a story that is worthy of @FloridaMan, there’s this guy on trial in Gainesville, FL (yeah, where Danny Rolling got caught – Go Gators!) accused of killing another young man. What kind of proof does [...]

Women in Technology – Warning: Snark, sarcasm, and scorn ahead!

At the beginning of July, Business Insider posted their “22 Of the Most Powerful Women Engineers in The World.” These women include 1 President, 1 CEO, 1 CTO, 4 VPs from companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Oracle, [...]

SCOTUS has a tech day–Riley vs. California

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) handed down a couple of tech-related decisions today. Second up: Riley vs. California. This one doesn’t seem obvious from the title, but what it boils down to is [...]

SCOTUS has a tech day–ABC vs. Aereo

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) handed down a couple of tech-related decisions today. First up: ABC vs. Aereo. Aereo is a (self-styled) cord-cutting alternative. Aereo places small receiver antennas in the markets that [...]