I’m sure you followed us yesterday and you know the AVG Security Suite is potentially just a method of collecting personal data. Well that’s what it was. It’s gone for now:


Let’s see how this plays out once MS looks into it. It also questions how the app passed certification in the first place and if there are others like it that Justin Angel needs to rip apart for usWinking smile


  1. Wow that was fast. Just goes to show that the eyes and ears of the Windows Phone team are open. Yes apps pass certification when they shouldn’t and others don’t when they should. Hopefully its continues to be the exception and not the rule.

  2. OK, I am not exactly sure how bad this is. They are “stealing” my…what exactly. Keep it simple for me please. I read the post yesterday. I just don’t understand what the value of my…what…is. my location? Got it turned off. My ID? To do what with? I am not someone you want to pretend to be. Isn’t Google and Bing and everyone else already tracking my every move? Honestly I don’t understand.
    I have AVG, lookout, and Antivirus Free from Creative apps all running on my Android Dell Streak 5. They all have different features, some redundant features too.
    As a side note, my Tilt running WinMo, wouldn’t have been able to run 1 anti anything let alone 3 at a time.
    Looking forward to someone schooling me on the issues you all have With AVG, datamining.

  3. Yea, I read it again, I understand the outrage, but still have to wonder how much info was not already easily available. Can it be used to access my email or market accounts? What about online banking, is that at risk too? Could they be? Or is this just another way to direct marketing at me? What is the purpose of collecting this information? It seems to always be the same type of info too. Can I get that article that explains it all or atleast a link? An easy and interesting read would be nice. Thanks

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