Even though built-in speakers are offered on mobile phones—sometimes you just want a little more oomph.  Unlike heavy speaker docking stations, the APSO1F from Aluratek offers superb sound quality and is completely portable.

At an affordable $20 MSRP, the pocket-sized speaker can plug into any MP3 player, mobile phone and all other audio devices with 3.5mm auxiliary audio output–so you can crank your tunes anywhere! The Bump 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker even comes with a Built-in Lithium-ion Battery.

You can purchase straight from Aluratek’s website for $19.99 and they are in stock ready to go.

Here’s the tech specs on the Bump 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker from Aluratek


eMusic LogoIntroducing the “Bump” Speaker line from Aluratek. Simply connect with MP3 players, Mobile Phones, Portable CD Players, iPOD and iPhone, eBook Readers, Laptops and Netbooks and other audio devices with 3.5mm Auxiliary audio output for superior sound quality.

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  • Compatible with most MP3 players, mobile phones and other audio devices with 3.5mm Auxiliary audio output
  • Expandable Bass Chamber
  • Audio Out: 2.5W
  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery
  • USB 2.0 cable included
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • Any audio or mobile device with 3.5mm Auxiliary audio output
Package Contents
  • 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Registration / Warranty Card

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BUMP 3.5mm Portable Mini Speaker with Built-in Lithium-ion Battery



  1. These look really nice. I will have to grab a pair and give them a shot. It is not clear is this is just one speaker pod or two pods. Can you clarify? Was not sure if the picture is just showing multiple angles. Does the power and cable recess into the unit?

    In recent times I have been using the Motorola EQ5 since it uses bluetooth streaming vs the headset jack. I also use an Expandable Capsule Speaker that looks much like the Bump portable speaker.

    Once you start using these portable speakers you never go back to listening to music or podcasts from the built-in speaker on your smartphone.

    Here are some other speakers I have used in the same price range

  2. Hi Rod-

    I’m a representative of Aluratek–the APSO1F is a single speaker unit and the power cord is non-retractable and plugs directly into the headphone jack on your mobile device.

    Hope that helps!

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