When surfing around on your computer, ever find something that would be perfect for a trip to the can but it’s a long link and in order to get it on your phone you’d end up emailing yourself the link, a schlep nature doesn’t always give you time to deal with? Ever been on Google Maps, plotting out some directions, and then wish someone would come up with a way to just let you beam it over to your phone without any hassle? Enter Chrome to Phone which lets you do that (if you’ve got Froyo, that is).

Extensions available for Chrome and for Firefox.

Doug Simmons

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Biographical info.. hmm. I have a history of not being able to strike the balance between what is "safe" to put into these forms and what is, in my mind at least, funny. Can't do it.


  1. arguably the best thing google has done yet and no comments? im amazed. i was actually just wishing i could do this yesterday…and the day before… and the day before. touche simmons, google may be datamining the shit out of us but at least there coming out with some badass stuff…

    personally i ef’ing love that picture, i think im gunna make it… yup, its now my background

  2. Thought you’d like that picture.

    Yeah it is badass, I use it all the time and it does help heal the wounds of all this privacy mumbojumbo. Just wish I could do the reverse, beam pages from my phone to my computer so when on the can if I hit some link but don’t finish reading it before I, uh, finish, I can have it on the computer waiting for me; but I’ll settle for this.

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