blackberry-sucksEvery single Blackberry OS 10 review I’ve seen is profusely superlative and those that bother to compare it to Windows Phone note that various features RIM stole from Microsoft are even better on BBOS10. Here are a few snippets from an article from some sleazy UK rag The Register that’s getting a great deal of attention:

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 wins on style and novelty, but BB10 trumps all comers on efficiency. (You can only get one line of text on a tile in WinPho 8 – it’s a bit limiting.) Here’s an action that I couldn’t perform on Windows Phone OS: flagging a message accessed via IMAP. It’s pretty basic. As with Windows Phone, a contacts card pulls in information related to the person, such as looking for photo albums. BB10 also looks for related info but it’s more focused on business.

Are you listening, Ballmer? Why can’t your Windows mobes do this?

What I don’t get is why the author of this piece chose to pit BB10 against Windows Phone 8 (and everything else Microsoft), versus, say, against Android and iOS. Why bash the underdog that those who’ve tried it love it, finding it absolutely terrific, with virtually no exceptions? Not to mention Blackberry ripped off Windows Phone. After all, by all accounts except these new BBOS10 articles, Windows Phone is fantastic in comparison to the big two. For Pete’s sake even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had this to say about Windows Phone:

I definitely favor Windows Phone over Android. Windows Phone is more beautiful than the other platforms. I’m shocked — like a mental patient who was given phone privileges —  how every screen is much more beautiful than the same apps on Android and iPhone. The iPhone has a lot of beauty and simplicity and you don’t get lost as much in it but it is more awkward to use than Windows Phone which, in my book, exudes finesse that will serve as the platform’s lubricant to the top of the pie charts. I’ll be carrying the Windows Phone with me almost everywhere. I feel like I’m more with a friend than a tool. Naturally I have to root for the iPhone to stay number one, but Microsoft with this revived innovation they’re displaying is challenging my allegiance to Apple.

I’ll admit, I’m largely irked by this not because of whether these BB versus WP articles are fair and accurate but because I want Windows Phone to succeed (and not just because I’m a Microsoft shareholder), to hit the number three spot soon, especially while we still have this window of this possibly-superior BBOS10 not having been released yet. I want WP to hurry up and snatch that bronze crown from RIM’s hands because those hands have been asleep at the wheel for over a decade and it’s their damn fault. But to do that it has a lot of upstream paddling to do and these cheap shot reviews aren’t doing Windows 8/RT/Phone/Surface any favors.

I think these articles get written because the writers know that, as a result of loving their phones so much because they are hands-down the best, savvy and intelligent Windows Phone users will flame back hotter in spite of their relatively low numbers than were these writers to bash another platform. Android users are too busy overclocking kernels to combat fragmentation and installing WP8 skins to defend their own platform, and the iSheep are so dumb they don’t even know what a web browser is let alone which mobile platform they’re running.

So people, I know as well as you that it’s easier said than done, but when you come across a negative WP,  Windows 8 or Surface article, resist the urge to fight back and either comment on its thread or link to it on other sites because you’ll just fuel these sons-of-you-know-what writers to keep cranking out this trash. That’s the key. We need smoke not flame. Okay fellas?

Doug Simmons

Update 11:59 EST: Oh great, here they come (sigh):


  1. I’m with you 100%. I am a WP guy and I will be supporting the OS as long as it takes to shake up these pathetic “followers” that don’t understand a great piece of technology to a toy. I have a Lumia 920 (red) and a Surface RT (red touch cover) and I love them both. The Lumia smokes my family’s and friends’ phones yet some still try to justify that it’s not. (cough iSheep). I am rooting for this underdog. It deserves respect and recognition. Goodbye BB, your time is over.

  2. Wait, Simmons wrote that? ;)

    While I would LOVE to see 4 contenders (3 is a minimum for me), I wonder if RIM has squandered their brand’s perception. It wouldn’t be impossible to come back, but it could be improbable. They need to come out with something stellar, new, exciting yesterday. The holiday season may kill them.

  3. Guess today is role reversal so here goes.

    Today it is a war of ecosystems. WP8 is being compared but not iOS and certainly not Android because BB10 isn’t in the same area code as the heavy hitters.

    No worries though. Heinz has a specific set of skills and he’s letting us know it’s wise to listen to him. There are still 60+ BlackBerry users and no debt to speak of. No RIM isn’t going gently into the night, they are rallying what’s left of the troops and storming Normandy.

    What do I think if WP8? Nice but not what it’s all cracked up to be. There are gaps in Microsoft’s mobile OS that leaves me scratching my head. No worries because Operation London is launching in Q1 next year. RIM knows what corporations want and will be focused on delivering on time and restoring their name and place in the market. You don’t believe me? Check which way the stock is trending.

  4. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!! Simmons you’re a Microsoft shareholder??? I could have sworn you were a loyal die hard fan of Android!?!?!?! Or was I wrong? Or maybe you’re just a pod person, and aliens are starting to take over the world!!!!!!!!! Either way I’m starting to like the new you.

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