This Smoked by a Windows Phone thing continues to impress. Ben the PC Guy went 18-0 today (37-0 for the Cali trip ) and just to show off, he took on 3 Androids and an iPhone simultaneously to get 4 wins at once. So if you’re keeping score, in CES WP went 30-3-1 so when added to the 37-0 it’s 67-3-1 or a 94% win rate (96% if you throw out the tie). I’m sure most people have no idea that on common tasks it’s simply consistently faster than the rest. Regardless, this leads to noise both on the web and as a grassroots movement as people learn more and more about Windows Phones. Of course, this is all leading up to an ad blitz for March 18 – the Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 launch date.

Oh and for those keeping track of Windows Phones evangelists, first we had Charlie Kindel as the face of Windows Phones then he was replaced with Brandon Watson and now Ben the PC Guy has quickly jumped in to take over the lead evangelist role. He’s smoking the other platforms, handing out phones to celebs and sponsoring Droid rage giveaways.  I like his style.


  1. My wife won one of his #droidrage giveaways. The phone arrived in less than a week. We’ve since sold her Sensation and are now a completely Windows Phone household (I’ve been using it since launch day with a HD7 and now a Venue Pro).

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