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Ramon’s Epic Valentine’s Day Thoughts on Apple

Look away if you’re expecting a love poem. From the legend’s mouth, here’s Ramon Troutman’s Valentine’s thoughts. Please hold your applause until the end:

I will take this time out to bash apple.

So It seems as if MacBook sales took a sharp spike in sales after the switch to Intel platform (despite Steve all knowing all powerful all-forever power pc chips.) but oddly enough they never made a dent in over all pc sales, all the while windows 7 pissed all over apples tv onslaught and forced jobs to focus on a larger iPod to turn in a profit. Seems to me people are buying macbooks to run windows….who would have that. That’s okay….apple is just another one of Microsoft’s oem bitches!

Hey guys…. look… Microsoft is optimizing windows 8 to run on mobile technology and apple is porting iOS to Mac OS… Guess which of these companies is a$$ backwards and ran out of ideas….