XRLOne of the pages that I keep an eye on on Facebook (yes, I said Facebook) is the Xolo Rescue League, a rescue group for the Xoloitzcintli, or (as I learned as a child) the Mexican Hairless.  They’re currently having a fund raiser to help with some rescued dogs’ medical bills.  One of the items is a white Nook Color, item #BNRV100 (WiFi).  This sells for just under $100 on Amazon.com, and the opening bid is $60!  And shipping is covered in the US.

So go bid on a Nook and help out some lovely doggies!


  1. …and i just occured to me that this MIGHT even qualify for a tax write-off, if they are a registered non-profit and you qualify for deductions on your income tax.

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