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Herp-Derp YouTube Comments Broken Won’t Be Fixed

For those of you, like me that hate reading the moron’s commenting on YouTube there is a simple little browser extension that is called Herp-Derp that converted the brain numbing blather that is YouTube comments into Herp-Derp replacement comments. Check out the picture below:


The neat thing about the extension was that if you found temptation too great you could still click on the comment and read the original. It is simply stars aligning and the world becoming a more beautiful place until YouTube rolls out a new commenting system using frames and screws up everything. It breaks Herp-Derp. Meh, we can bother to wait on the developer to update it right? Wrong:

“YouTube’s new commenting system is using frames and currently breaks Herp Derp. I have no plans to bring it back in the near future.”

If you are one of the 30,000 people who downloaded it, you will not be getting an update. So long Herp-Derp, 30K loved you.

Thanks Simmons