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Bing Coming to Android

You have to give Microsoft credit for their chutzpah. What nerve to think that Googlites would actually deign to use a Microsoft product on their Android phones. But that is exactly what MS is banking on in releasing an Android version of their increasingly popular Bing search client in about six weeks. Or is the Evil Empire just trying to stick it to Google where it hurts in preparation for the invasion of WP7.

I can’t speak for all those who have been Googlified, but having just hopped on the Android bandwagon with my recent purchase of an HTC Aria (which, BTW, I love), I plan to install Bing on my phone. I use Bing search on my PC and used Bing on my Fuze. I don’t find any real difference between Bing and Google searches. My interest has always been on the voice navigation. As I have tested both, they seem to perform equally well. The two advantages that Bing voice nav brings to the table are an auditory prompt before directions are given (gets me to pay attention to the upcoming directions) and a more pleasant voice giving said directions.

My question to you: Will enough Googlites use a product from the Evil Empire enough to justify its development?