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Mobility Digest Review: Krusell Tilt 2 Leather Horizontal Case

In my continued search for cases large enough to handle my extended battery Tilt2, I decided to give the Krusell Horizontal Case a try. As a point of information, I stretch (train) all my cases using a block of wood cut slightly larger than my phone. The blocks stay in the cases when not in use, so they are always ready when I need them. I would rather my case be slightly loose than too tight.

The Krusell case is well made soft black leather with nice stitching and quality features, but it did leave a few things to be desired. The finger hole at the bottom of the case is helpful for pushing your phone up, but the top flap is so stiff that it will not flatten out, meaning that removing the phone from this cases is almost a two handed process; one to hold the flap back (or push the phone up from the bottom) and the other to retrieve the phone. I tried bending the top flap back to make it less stiff, but then it had some problem engaging the magnetic snap on the front of the case. Once engaged, the snaps holds tight but it takes a bit of effort to get the two points aligned. I would have preferred a slightly bigger target for the snap to simplify alignment. After some training my extended battery phone fits easily in this case, but only if you face the screen inward. And even then it does take some effort to pull the front flap down far enough to engage the magnetic snap. Because of the cases rounded corners, loading the phone face out does not allow the snap to close. The stock Tilt2 works facing in or out, but actually wobbles a bit when facing inward. The inside of the case is lined with a felt like material. The Krusell case features the Multidapt belt clip that can be interchanged with other types and styles. The included clip is a plastic, fixed horizontal, spring clip. Because the magnet is only a small dot on the front of the case I didn’t experience any problems with my Tilt2 being powered on when inserting/removing the phone.

While I would have preferred that the flap was a little longer or the magnetic snap a bit more forgiving, to accommodate my oversize battery, I guess that’s not what the case was designed for so I can’t really complain. I see myself using this case occasionally, but there are enough things I don’t like that would keep it out of the daily lineup. Available for about $24.95 at online retailers.

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