If you go to Bing on an HTML5 browser today you’ll see there’s a video instead of a photo as the background. Pretty neat actually. Of course, the next logical step is to fire it up on my Windows Phone. No dice. Even though IE9 on the phone should render HTML5 video, it doesn’t. So much for it rendering the same as the desktop version of IE9. I still like the video background on my desktop though.


  1. Remember, bing doesn’t care about Windows Phone. Wait does Microsoft care about Windows Phone? Maybe only Windows Phone cares about Windows Phone. And idiots like us.

    I recently came across the photosynth.com website (by microsoft) and thought, “Sweet- I’m selling my house and want to do a virtual tour online, AND they have a mobile app! Oh, iPhone only? WTF?” I seem to remember this being a covered quite a while ago. Still no Windows Phone support?

  2. @KCMatt: Photosynth has already spoken to this. Their app requires things that the current version of Windows Phone OS doesn’t allow. They are planning on releasing a version for Windows Phone sometime after the launch of Mango. Hopes this helps.

  3. I got it to work on my daughter’s Win7 laptop, Didn’t really look very smooth, but I wasn’t sitting still either, I was clicking forward and back on the images and rolling the mouse around the page.
    It did not work on my stock android Dell Streak 5 browser, or Dolphin HD browser.
    It also did not work on my XP PC, old system with minimal utilities after a system restore from scratch.

  4. It worked fine on my 3 year old laptop running Firefox 6. This thing is so old that FF won’t even take advantage of the graphics hardware acceleration that is available, so it’s all CPU driven. I don’t know what PC hardware you all are using that it is not smooth. Must be an old Win 95 box with 8 MB of RAM and a 133 MHz Pentium.

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