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Well Well Well, It seems someone at Big Red is really thinking after all

Please don’t look at the picture and think Verizon is releasing white Lumia 900. If you think that, you get disappointed and you are “reading it wrong”. I am not saying Verizon will not release one nor Verizon is releasing one. And I really don’t know whether Verizon would release Windows Phone in near future or not. My rant is about something else.

Remember at one point , one of the top executives of Verizon commented that mobile industry needs third ecosystem, and commented out that iPhone, Android and BlackBerry already completed that ecosystem and sounded like world might not need Windows Phone 7. Of course after that Verizon launched Windows Phone 7 (only one phone) half-heartedly. Well they may have hard feelings because of ‘Kin’, but they shouldn’t really blame Microsoft for that. They should look at the mirror, because part of the mistake was theirs too. Kin was aimed at tweens and younger teens. But that came with heavy data plan with limited functionality (feature phone with social capabilities). Well Microsoft should be blamed for because it lacked Gaming capability and tween market really wants games, but Verizon should be blamed for greed by charging huge data plan with limited features.

Well past is past. But now it seems Verizon is learning from their mistake of not supporting Windows Phone after all. I think they realized this because the BlackBerry is dying and now they really need some other platform because Android may not convince enterprise crowd and that is a bigger market. In addition to this they are paying huge fee to Apple to carry iPhones. It looks like they realized that they can’t woo majority of BlackBerry users to Droids after all.

Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo said that company wants a 3rd strong competitor in the mobile platform field. In the earnings call earlier the company executive said that they are working with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone 8 platform to their network and feels that would be a compelling platform. Here is what he said as per Reuters: “We’re really looking at the Windows Phone 8.0 platform because that’s a differentiator. We’re working with Microsoft on it,"  also expected that they would release Windows Phones during holidays 2012.

Remember Verizon gave new life to dying Motorola once by bringing Droids.

Source: Reuters