Man I wish I lived anywhere near a Microsoft store. If you live near one of the locations (in AZ, CA, IL, WA, CO or MN) then this is a great way to get your hands on some goodies. And they note that it’s “this wkend” so it’s not just Black Friday. This sounds like starting Friday they’ll be giving away Windows Phones at MS stores, presumably requiring a contract but the phone itself would be free. Let’s see what they tell us Friday.


  1. man, black friday isnt for me. i hate lines… one day i went to a FRYS store on the morning of one of their big sale days….. oh geeze… this place is a warehouse full of every electronic device I have ever wanted. I ended up going home because when we arrived at 6am the line was wrapped around the warehouse… and this place is big. so no thankyou to a free WP7 device (i already have one coming on christmas anyway).

  2. @norcal colby: There used to be a time (I’ll call it 1999) when you could show up two hours before the store opened, be first in line and leave with a trunk full of technology that was all free after rebates and there was no fighting. It also involved CompUSA (RIP). Those were the days…

  3. Oh I so remember the days where I could waltz into an electronic store and get what I wanted after sleeping in. In fact I used to always work at electronic stores just for the discounts and being surrounded by all the cool stuff that was actually able to be bought by the public.

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