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LG WP7 Phone Shown Off In Blurrovision

imageI just love to watch blurry YouTube clips and speculate based on them. Anyway, here’s some footage of the LG E900 which is said to be the keyboardless version of the phone we were just shown the other day, but losing that keyboard is like trimming off the fat. It actually looks pretty good…wait it actually looks identical to the Samsung phone. Yeah that exaggerated curvature is alive at the bottom again. Kinda reminds me of the HTC Diamond 2 (Pure). Anyone want to guess that MS believes that by having that curve it feels more natural when sliding your finger? That’s my current conspiracy theory on why all the phones look like that. The rumor is that this may be for the Europeans…nothing solid though.

I think they’ve already gotten me used to that curved bottom though since I can tolerate it this time and hated it the first time…man I’m weak.

Anyway, here’s the video:


via WMPowerUser