For those of you who have been dual booting your HD2 between Windows Mobile and Android finally have a solution if you only want to use Android! DFT, a team of developers and coders, over at XDA-Developers which allows users to skip booting into Windows Mobile and directly boot into Android. The hack is called MAGLDR and it is only available in very limited ROMs right now but will hopefully be available in more ROMs soon. This flashses to NAND so it would be as fast as a native Android device. For more information check out the hack thread or you can try out a ROM that has it.


  1. I can’t believe I miss this till now. Happy New Year, no doubt this is the first step towards flashing WP7 to the HD2. Very nice!

  2. This is awesome! Thanks to cotulla and DFT for all the hard work that went into making this possible. Native android on the HD2 keeps this device as the top spec’d device on the market today as well as the most versatile.

    I am personally keeping an eye on craigslist for a couple more of these to tinker around with. But all tinkering aside, this MAGLDR release, along with all of the NAND Android builds to follow, has revolutionized developmental progress across platforms. WP7 is sure to come in the very near future but I think that I will probably stick with Android. I have not seen much to my liking that WP7 has to offer. LOL

  3. Side note:

    The original poster, VIKRAM, referred to MAGLDR as a hack. That is stating it much too lightly considering the monumental effort that went into this by cotulla and crew. This should be referred to as development, not a hack, and serious credit should be given where due.

    DFT simply rocks!

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