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Google Pulls Grooveshark–May Explain Why Music Shark Disappeared For WP7

In a rare move for Google, they’ve remove the official Grooveshark app from the Android Market stating that it violates their policies. Apparently, Grooveshark is in a bit of a legal mess with the music industry going after them for copyright infringement. This follows a move from Apple to remove the app from the App Store. If you’re a Windows Phone user, you’re probably aware that Music Shark is a Grooveshark client for Windows Phones…or at least it was. It’s no longer available in the Marketplace but it was not removed from phones that already had it installed. I’m speculating that the rationale behind this revocation is the same.

I have no idea if Grooveshark is playing by the rules but since there’s so much doubt surrounding them, it seems lie the right thing to do. Agree?