As expected, Burn it All! has been released for Windows Phone and it’s an Xbox Live puzzle title. it’s $3 with a free trial:

Team up with all your cousins in a fiery adventure to get your grandpa Volcano the fresh air he needs to stay blazing. One flame at a time, torch your way through Earth to the surface. All sorts of odd stuff has been scattered along your way to feed your natural urge to BURN IT AAAAAAALLLL!!!

The cousins are three small rocks who convey fire. You play one of them at a time:

1 – Fill up your flames at the source.

2 – drag your finger to your designated target,

3 – set fire to it.

4 – Repeat until satisfied!

5 – Each screen is a floor – reach the top to succeed

Seems simple? It is…but I haven’t told you about each cousin’s abilities, the materials and parasites, the water and the gas, the Badabombs, the Key-zards, the “Single Player Cooperation”, the time loops…(Oops, I’ve aid too much already…seriously, let’s not spoil it…yeah, sorry…)

Get those worries off your chest with this cool and refreshing game. if you’re in the topscore business, take on the world through each of the…how many already?///many, many floors separating you from fresh air. Come heat up your fingers and Burn it All!

Man I have a feeling this is an addictive puzzler. Only one way to find out. Excuse me while I download it.


  1. Pretty soon Android and Playstation will get married and have little chilldren that will play nice on any Android or Playstation platform. If you don’t beleive me, read the Slash gear article below. After the completion of the Playstation/Adroid life partnership, the one trick Pony WM7 will not have anything over Android. You like Apples? How you like those apples?

  2. @RowdyC: That’s still not as good as the Xbox suite. First off, writing in XNA lets you port code from PC – Xbox – WP7. Write it once and all you need to do is change some assets and adjust shadins for smaller screens, etc. The Playstation Suite is really a mobile suite so it’s interoperable between PSP Go (or whatever they’re calling it) and Android. Not quite the same. And they’ve already started to show off real time game play on the Xbox/Kinect side. And of course Windows Next (8) will let you buy games on your PC – Xbox – Mobile so you can have one game across all of your screens.

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