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Featured App: Frozen Bubble for WP


I am not really a gamer but I do like to carry a supply of time burners around with me. Not “Need for Speed” or “The Harvest” mind you. More like Tetris or Unite, games that don’t put too much pressure on my overtaxed brain. Found a link for Frozen Bubble in my inbox today so I decided to give it a try. Not a fancy, 3D high pressure game, but lots of fun nonetheless.

The object of the game is to use your ice cannon to knock like (and unlike) colored ice balls from the roof of the cavern before it closes in on you. You move the canon left/right by tapping or holding the left/right side of your screen. Double tap the canon to wreak havoc. Bank shots are lots of fun. When moving the canon make sure you don’t double tap or you will misfire. More levels, more colored ice balls (of course). No time limit, but if you wait too long to fire a warning comes up on the screen and the canon fires for you. Made it to level 6 in just a few minutes of play (and three tries). The game can be played in one or two player mode. There is a non-offensive music soundtrack that plays quietly in the background which you can toggle on/off. More from the developer below:

You can see a YouTube video of the game in action here and you can find it in Zune Marketplace today for $1.99. Unfortunately there is no trial (grrr) but pretty much everything you need to know is covered in the video.