As we mentioned yesterday, today’s Xbox Live Windows phone title is Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night from Konami. Yesterday I wrote “The iPhone version is $.99 but since it’s an Xbox title I’m still guessing it’s $3 with a free trial on Windows Phone.” Wow was I wrong – $7. For realz? Watch this though – let’s take the iPhone app description and compare it to the WP7 description:

Take control of Alucard, son of Dracula, and experience Castlevania in a whole new way on the iPhone/iPod Touch Windows Phone 7 with Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night! Konami brings you a truly innovative Puzzle-RPG system developed exclusively for the iPhone/iPod Touch – an exciting first for the Castlevania series!

Features and Highlights:
– Play as and against characters from Symphony of the Night
Share your achievements with friends on Facebook!
Play songs from your own music library during battles
– Over 20 hours of game play in Story Mode
– Dozens of unique enemies to fight and over one hundred items to collect
– Over 20 honors to earn

All of that for a mere 7x markup. I’m ok with a little markup for Xbox Live titles that are polished but really – this is an iPhone game that seems to have the same Sega Genesis inspired graphics and in a best-case scenario the same features and yet it’s $7 compared to $1. Well there’s a trial mode so maybe some of you will get hooked. By the way, the release date is 1/18 so if you sort by date it’s out of order – just sort by popularity and it found a nice cozy place at the bottom.

Feel free to comment on your feelings about these shenanigans.


  1. Apple’s app store has definitely screwed up how people view prices for games. This is not good good for the gaming industry.

    So you expect a game that gives you 20 hours of game play to cost less than a cup coffee or glass of beer.

    Anyways giving the small user base of WP7 this prices will continue to be the norm to justify the development efforts till the WP7 user base grows. And hopefully the fact that developers can charge more than .99 for apps would make more developers attracted to the platform.

  2. $7 seems pretty steep. Everyday games for phones are getting better but I don’t see the justification of spending that much on a game when I just want to kill time in a waiting room or on the can.

    Besides it’s just a puzzle game. Now if it was a full blown CV game where I could crack the whip on some banshee ass…That I could see my self maybe (just maybe) purchasing for $7.

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