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Here’s The Reason There’s No Flash or Silverlight in WP7’s Browser

Flash is a hot word these days and we’ve known for a while that Adobe was working on bringing it to Windows Phone. At the same time, the entire core of WP7 is based on Silverlight yet even Silverlight doesn’t work within the web browser on Windows Phone. Why? The answer lies within the browser itself and security.

Andy Lees of Microsoft told TechRadar, “there is no ActiveX plug-in extensibility because of the security model; we’re not going to do that. And with no ActiveX plug-in model, how would we do Flash?…Browsers are going to a different extensibility model.” The question comes down to how the system is set up and if Flash is isolated or not. This all ties into battery life, performance and isolating plugins if there’s a crash so it doesn’t tie up the entire system.

We knew Microsoft is working on this, but at least now we understand what they’re working on. This is the way Windows Phone is progressing – get it right or don’t release it. That’s why there’s no copy and paste, no multitasking,etc. They are not releasing beta software. They’d rather take a few extra months and have something that works on day one and is ready for the future. And I’m ok with this. You?