Microsoft Band On Sale Now For $199.99

The wait is over as Microsoft has finally unveiled their version of wearable technology called the Microsoft Band. This Smart Watch is not quite what I had envisioned but it is feature rich and comes in [...]

Microsoft Will Launch A Watch Before Apple But Still Fail.

As everyone knows “Smart Watches” are dominating a lot of the tech conversation as of late. It’s new, it’s cool, it’s “techy” and even has a touch of fashion wrapped up with it. To better understand [...]

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch with Optical Heart Rate Monitor

The smart watches keep rolling out which is nothing new because I have been using a Polar heart rate watch for a few years but having to strap on the chest sensor to do it with. [...]

Fitbit Surge Coming Next Year for $250

Fitbit has a range of other products but if you have been looking for a high end fitness watch then you will have to wait a little longer for Fitbit to release the Surge. Priced slightly [...]

Bose Files Patent Lawsuit Against Beats

Apple looks to be facing more patent infringement lawsuits with their newest acquisition Beats Electronics Inc. Apple, which purchased Beats for $3 billion making Dr. Dre The first billionaire hip-hop mogul faces a tough time against [...]

Exoskeletonize Your iPhone and Avoid #Bendgate

I am sure you have all heard about the iPhone 6 Plus bending. It even earned it’s own hash tag and “viral” status. Add to that the paint wearing off and fruit phone haters everywhere have [...]

Armpocket Finally Gets Armbands Right for Athletes!

  I am an avid runner and cyclist and soon to be triathlete if I can ever get better at swimming. Right now, while I run and cycle, I seem to be running into the sake [...]

What is SensoTRACK?

Why it’s the “World’s First biometric health monitoring device” is all! I am just loving where technology is taking health and fitness. I am not a huge fan of wearing the monitor around my chest when [...]

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Battery Packs by PowerSkin

The PoP’n 2 suctions onto the back of the iPhone for an easy to hold, seamlessly integrated charging experience. That means no dangling cords or having to awkwardly juggle around two different devices. Featuring a 4000 [...]

Three Weeks with the Moto 360

As much as I want to be annoyed by wearables, I can’t help but be intrigued by the endless possibilities a smartwatch presents. While Samsung’s and LG’s clunky first stabs at Android Wear failed to garner [...]