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Reviewers can be real dumb asses sometimes… (MobilityLeaks)

Today I decided it was time to get a new carry case for the new toy arriving on Monday. I have been using this old Samsonite case (see below) to tote around my laptops, along with power cables, portable DVD drive, Ethernet adapter & cable, mini display port adapter, as well as the little Logitech mouse, for maybe the past 15 years. I love that little mouse (actually have two).

I found this svelte new Samsonite case (see below) at Staples, designed for a 13.3” ultrabook, but still with enough room to carry some accessories. All the other cases were only pocketless sleeves, or 2-3 wide for 15”+, folders, etc. I knew though if I wanted to downsize to this case, I would have to skinny down what I carry. So it was off to the mouse section to find a tiny BT mouse that wouldn’t be too thick. Of the 30 mice there, only two were BT (surprisingly). My eye caught this Logitech T630 and I was intrigued. They called it a touch mouse, but it had no buttons. And I wasn’t sure if it was more like a touch pad and less like a mouse. Staples had it in a tamperproof case, so I couldn’t get a good look at it.


I jumped on Bing and tried to search out video reviews so I could see how it worked. Would it work like a mouse was my question? I watched three videos, about 20 minutes in all, while standing in the aisle at the store. All three guys unpacked it. One even told me he was removing the tape from the sides and read the back panel, pointing out the multiple languages (who the fuck cares). Then they proceeded to “use” it. Not one of the three guys moved the touch mouse after placing it on the table. They tapped the corners to active mouse clicks and they used their fingers to swipe in from the edges and scroll up and down. But I still didn’t know if you could move it around like a “real” mouse. One guy mentioned that it was “laser”, which I ASS U ME d meant it worked like a mouse, but I still wasn’t sure. I gave up on the videos and spent another 10 minutes reading reviews hoping to get a hint. Nothing regarding clicks or moving it around. Finally, I ordered on Amazon ($49.99 vs. $69.99 at Staples, oh well) and will have it Monday. Figured if it couldn’t be used as a mouse it would go back.


At home I found the below video from a regular guy, not a reviewer, using it with his Android phone. I learned more in three minutes than I did in the half hour at the store. Now I’m looking forward to getting it. Why can’t reviewers show you how something works, instead of only pointing out the talking points printed on the side of the package. What a waste of 30-40 minutes.



RAM: I use my spare Apple mouse with my surface pro 3. I’ve Microsoft arc mouse , sculpt mouse and BT 5000. These three are from Microsoft and are tied to various systems at home. Interestingly Apple mouse works fine with SP3.


Yeah. Actually Logitech makes a Mac version of this mouse, for another $4. The only difference is it’s white plastic vs. black. I looked at the Arc, but wanted something really thin.


Being me, I made a wood cutout of the Surface Book (couldn’t find a book the right size, and it fits in this Samsonite case like a glove. I had planned to load the Book, hinge up, leaving space at the bottom for all the things in the other pockets that will invariably sink to the bottom, but that might make it a tight fit for the zipper. Not sure though. The plywood is just under 0.75”, somewhere between the min .31” and max .90” of the Book. And I did cut the plywood about .011 (about 9.25” vs. the 9.14” dimension) taller. With to soft edges of the Book it may be fine in either direction.


I loaded the case up with the Surface 3, charger block, and all the other stuff I want to carry, and there was plenty of room. The pen would fit, stuck onto the side of the Book, but I will probably just clip it to the inside of one of the interior pockets. This case is about 1/3 the size of the old Samsonite. Petite.