Google and Android

C’mon WordPress, Support WebM and WebP [rant]

What’s wrong with this picture of my WordPress v3.8.2 wp-includes/functions.php in which image and video types are defined? click to make it big — ahh, don’t bother, who cares That’s right chief, it’s not the real [...]

Andyroid Let’s You Run Android on Desktop for Free

Here’s something neat, it’s called Andyroid or Andy and it let’s you run Android on your desktop for free. I already grabbed it an installed it but didn’t set it up yet but setup looks just [...]

What’s the definition of insanity again?

Oh, that’s right. Last week a reporter from The Verge shared a personal dilemma with her readers. Her parents had gone through three (sub-$400) Windows laptops over the past two years that broke down for one [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" $139.99 Free Shipping NEW!

Cheapest we’ve ever seen for new tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3! $139.99 with free shipping   FEATURES Display: 7.0” WSVGA (1024 x 600 resolution) Touchscreen display Processor: 1.2GHz, dual-core Storage: 8GB onboard memory Communication: Bluetooth [...]

Will Stand Alone Smart Watch Phones Change Our Lives?

“She is going to die and there is nothing you can do to stop it “ was great quote from the Matrix where the Architect was speaking to Neo regarding his will to save Trinity. It [...]

Collapsible Leaf Mount Stand For Your Smartphones and Tablets

This actually looks pretty cool even though my naked device OCD is screaming at me NO! It’s the Leaf Mount aluminum stand for your Smartphone or Tablet and it has two sticky surfaces to hold your [...]

Google One Launcher Available For Some

For those of you that have been enjoying Google One on your devices then take note as Google has released a new update to Google One called Google One Launcher. This is a basically a finger [...]

Deal Alert: Samsung Galaxy S4 GSM UNLOCKED $519.99

So you had a look at the leaked images of the SGS5 and the word “Meh” came to mind? Not sure how that is possible but if you are looking for a deal on the most [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Photos Leaked

Just ahead of the announcement and Mobile World Congress we got our hands on some leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5 that we have been waiting for. Korean made Samsung has raised the bar on [...]

No PuTTY? No Problem!

Jobs are great and all, they keep you busy, keep your wife happy and pay the bills, but at what cost brother, at what cost? The cost, of course, is that at these so-called jobs we [...]