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Clash of Clans Halloween Theme Plus ClashCon 10/24

The biggest game in mobile devices Clash of Clans which has been around a very long time has just announced their traditional Halloween Theme update. This year you will be treated to a Cauldron sitting in [...]

Gotta Learn Python

The coolest things are programmed in Python, Python is in high demand on the job websites, Python's capabilities are relatively universal and the consensus is that it's the easiest language to cram. I gotta learn Python. [...]

Sony Xperia Z4v Android Phone Coming Exclusively to Verizon

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate exclusivity with companies, not just phones but everything really. I’m on AT&T and if I want the new Sony phone I have to switch to [...]

Clash Of Clans Gets Updated with Level 13 Canons!

Very popular iOS and Android Game Clash of Clans just got a nice update today after several days of leaked rumors. First off Canons got a huge update leveling off the defensive capabilities of your base [...]

Portable Air Vent Mount Cellphone Holder Review

Don’t you hate it when you lose things and have to buy another one? I did that recently, I get lots of mobile stuff for review and I broke my phone mount in my car but [...]

Hey Inoreaders, it’s time to go Pro

I look at you, freebie account user, and I see me a few weeks ago when I had just a regular free Inoreader account. I thought life was perfect, that I didn’t need any more [...]

Free Android App Homefacts Tells You What’s Bad or Good in Your Neighborhood

So here’s a free Android  app for you that just launched today,  it’s called Homefacts and it can tell you all kinds of stuff about where you live, both good  and bad. I don’t exactly live [...]

Mobile Fun Latest Products, Pre-Orders and Weird Stuff from CES

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from our friends over at Mobile Fun but they sent along an email that I thought would be worthwhile to post about. In the email is the latest [...]

Dear Namecheap, you rock!

To: From: Doug Simmons **** Subject: Re: : Follow up: Need help with DKIM, SPF on Date: Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 12:14 PM While I write this about my recent support session with [...]

Winginx: One-and-Done Server Stack for Web Devs

Nerds, mind-blown warning: In a manner no more complicated than installing Winamp, you can install on your lame Windows machine NGINX, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, memcached and a dozen other goodies, everything you need to [...]