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Microsoft Band On Sale Now For $199.99

The wait is over as Microsoft has finally unveiled their version of wearable technology called the Microsoft Band. This Smart Watch is not quite what I had envisioned but it is feature rich and comes in [...]

Armpocket Finally Gets Armbands Right for Athletes!

  I am an avid runner and cyclist and soon to be triathlete if I can ever get better at swimming. Right now, while I run and cycle, I seem to be running into the sake [...]

iPhones Are Preferred by 71 Percent of Congress

If congress has a 14% approval rating, could that mean that only 14% of you would even care about what smart phone they have? Well, being that we seem heavily dominated by Windows Phone fans here, [...]

Microsoft Will Buy Minecraft for 2.5 Billion

Redmond Tech giant Microsoft will purchase the very popular multiplatform game Minecraft for a whooping 2.5 billion dollars. Mojang, the company that developed the popular game created a “Lego Like” virtual player game that has been [...]

TouchRetouch – A Universal App

When I downloaded TouchRetouch to my phone last week, I was impressed. When I discovered that TouchRetouch is now available in the Windows Store as a Universal App (pay once, get it everywhere) I was excited. [...]

Which Will Win Your Heart Android L or iOS 8?

I saw a pretty interesting article on CNET over the weekend that was stating 9 reasons to get excited about Android L (pictures). Click the link to head on over there and read about it if [...]

Google’s WebM Eviscerating GIFs (at least on 4chan)

Animated GIFs have long severed the Internet adequately for short, low-quality animated cat and sleazy porn videos. Google improved on the decades-old GIF technology with WebM, a format that has better compression, lets you watch cat [...]

Puerto Rican Student Brings WebP to Windows RT 8.1

Harold Martinez, a young man who attends the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon and is versed in C#, Java and C to name a few, declared victory in bringing WebP, the most powerful image format [...]

Scroogled sale – sweaters $10, shirts/hats $5

If you were on the market for Scroogled apparel then today’s your day as the Microsoft store has a sale going on. Check out the details here: [...]


NGINX, the most powerful web server in the world that could blow your latency and CPU load clean off has snatched the number one spot from Apache as the most used web server among the most-trafficked [...]