Google and Android

Winginx: One-and-Done Server Stack for Web Devs

Nerds, mind-blown warning: In a manner no more complicated than installing Winamp, you can install on your lame Windows machine NGINX, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, memcached and a dozen other goodies, everything you need to [...]

Protip: How to Buy a Nexus 6

Damn thing keeps selling out! That’s okay, I’ve got a Linux box at my disposal set to load the Google Play Nexus 6 product page every six minutes. Whenever it grabs a copy that does not [...]

Best Speedtest in the Universe

Check out as I need your feedback and you need to know your speed. Yeah, you can use to get your megabits (deceptively throttled by your carrier), but I didn’t know where I could [...]

Yes, it is true. Microsoft Acquired Acompli – Mobile App for managing email and calendars.

Last week there was a blank blog post from Microsoft Corporate vice president Rajesh Jha that hit the blogosphere via RSS feeds last week. And that news was immediately picked up various tech blogs and got [...]

Google Chromebooks Outsell iPads in Schools For The First Time

This is a pretty big announcement in my opinion as Google further defines Apple as premium brand limiting their market to the more discretionary income consumer. Where that will keep investors thrilled with Apple’s margins, surely [...]


What in the hell is that, right? Well, if you’re young, smart and more driven to succeed than I was, hit the books son and learn how to read, write and apply that tier of math because [...]

Is it the end of Google Glass already?

Well, it may not be. Because Google said they would be launching the consumer version of it in 2015 (originally Brin planned to release his child during 2014 for consumers and we are almost at 2015.) [...]

At the Very Least Use Fail2ban

Having fun with your own Linux server but don’t really know what you’re doing? At the very least, install fail2ban. There are many other things you should do, but start with that. Here’s why. The Internet [...]

Instagram Update Allows Editing Typos Fat Fingers Rejoice!

It never fails. Every time I get the perfect hilarious social media post it back fires because I screwed up the typing and hit send. With some apps you can edit it, but with Instagram, which [...]

Microsoft Office Available to Everyone, Everywhere

Microsoft today has announced that it will be making it’s Office software app that was available on the iPad available to both iPhone and Android tablet customers starting today. iPhone and iPad customers can download from [...]