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Sony Xperia Z4v Android Phone Coming Exclusively to Verizon

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate exclusivity with companies, not just phones but everything really. I’m on AT&T and if I want the new Sony phone I have to switch to [...]

Clash Of Clans Gets Updated with Level 13 Canons!

Very popular iOS and Android Game Clash of Clans just got a nice update today after several days of leaked rumors. First off Canons got a huge update leveling off the defensive capabilities of your base [...]

Portable Air Vent Mount Cellphone Holder Review

Don’t you hate it when you lose things and have to buy another one? I did that recently, I get lots of mobile stuff for review and I broke my phone mount in my car but [...]

Hey Inoreaders, it’s time to go Pro

I look at you, freebie account user, and I see me a few weeks ago when I had just a regular free Inoreader account. I thought life was perfect, that I didn’t need any more [...]

Free Android App Homefacts Tells You What’s Bad or Good in Your Neighborhood

So here’s a free Android  app for you that just launched today,  it’s called Homefacts and it can tell you all kinds of stuff about where you live, both good  and bad. I don’t exactly live [...]

Mobile Fun Latest Products, Pre-Orders and Weird Stuff from CES

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from our friends over at Mobile Fun but they sent along an email that I thought would be worthwhile to post about. In the email is the latest [...]

Dear Namecheap, you rock!

To: From: Doug Simmons **** Subject: Re: : Follow up: Need help with DKIM, SPF on Date: Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 12:14 PM While I write this about my recent support session with [...]

Winginx: One-and-Done Server Stack for Web Devs

Nerds, mind-blown warning: In a manner no more complicated than installing Winamp, you can install on your lame Windows machine NGINX, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, memcached and a dozen other goodies, everything you need to [...]

Protip: How to Buy a Nexus 6

Damn thing keeps selling out! That’s okay, I’ve got a Linux box at my disposal set to load the Google Play Nexus 6 product page every six minutes. Whenever it grabs a copy that does not [...]

Best Speedtest in the Universe

Check out as I need your feedback and you need to know your speed. Yeah, you can use to get your megabits (deceptively throttled by your carrier), but I didn’t know where I could [...]