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Clash Of Clans Gets Updated with Level 13 Canons!

Very popular iOS and Android Game Clash of Clans just got a nice update today after several days of leaked rumors. First off Canons got a huge update leveling off the defensive capabilities of your base to level 13. I would think we will see some maxed out TH10 players with videos coming today. Of course they will GEM the usual ridiculously long wait times.


The other major update is for wars. No you can opt in and out of wars as well earn extra badges and loot for your performance in wars. COC has also cut down the time to request troops in wars also with these new perks.


What’s New in Version 7.1.1

Clans Are Leveling Up!
– Level up your clan and earn perks, prestige and fancy badges!
– Cannon level 13 packs a punch and takes a lot of damage!
– Clan Wars Opt-in/Opt-out gives your Clan full control of war!
– Customize your Clan badge with the badge editor!
Power-up your Clan with Clan Perks
– Request troops more often and donate more troops at a time
– Get refunds and automatic upgrades on donated troops
– Increase your Clan War loot bonus and store more in your Clan Castle

Make sure you update and let me know how those level 13 Canons work! It will be years before I get my TH8 to that level!

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