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Clash of Clans Halloween Theme Plus ClashCon 10/24

The biggest game in mobile devices Clash of Clans which has been around a very long time has just announced their traditional Halloween Theme update. This year you will be treated to a Cauldron sitting in what ever free space you want that will yield 75,000 elixir when removed by one of your builders. The cost to remove it will be 25,000 elixir which will net you a 50,000 profit. Most people will not remove it when it spawns on the outside of your base setup as generally you see previous years Halloween and Christmas Tree Themed bonus items remaining as a sort of Trophy. I started late and unfortunately cut down my Christmas Trees last year.


Also there is a 1 Gem spell boost to help you wreak havoc when attacking. Pretty nice but I would have rather had the troop boost instead.

NOW! The bigger news is what is coming out of ClashCon that is happening in just 2 more days in Finland?  There are a lot of rumors but I suspect there will be a brand new Town Hall 11 update. There is also a lot of talk about a major overhaul in the war part of the game which has become huge! Introduced later on since the release of the game, it has become very competitive and branched away from the “Trophy Pushers” that dominate the top of the leader boards. There are a lot of war clans out there like OneHive that deliver the toughest attacks and prepared bases for defending. Jake at OneHive also has a YouTube channel to help you “Suck Less” at war attacks and prepare you for Town Hall 9 where your attacks get very complex and 3 starring is very difficult.

So ClashCon is setting Clash of Clans up to stay a dominant game on mobile devices for the foreseeable future by making changes and keeping the game fresh.

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Lastly, some of the Mobility Digest team (like me) play Clash of Clans (we are obsessed really) and have our clan called Atomic Napalm #Y2VCL9CJ . We are going to be a level 5 clan after tomorrows war! Check us out!