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Smartwatches Making Consumers Say “Meh”?

Well even thought the writing has tapered off we are still talking tech behind the scenes and the thought now to bring you guys something new and fresh is to reestablish our connection with you via [...]

Clash of Clans Halloween Theme Plus ClashCon 10/24

The biggest game in mobile devices Clash of Clans which has been around a very long time has just announced their traditional Halloween Theme update. This year you will be treated to a Cauldron sitting in [...]

Mean Girls Now Free to Play on iOS

So Mean Girls the game is no free to play on iOS devices, not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though…. Seriously though, I’ve never played the game nor have I no [...]

AIDA64 Comes to iOS and Windows Phone

If you have a PC then chances are you know AIDA64 or at least your should as it’s an invaluable tool really. AIDA64 basically is a suite a programs that tells you all about your computer [...]

The iWatch we can all afford!

Hine Mizushima is a designer and illustrator currently living in Vancouver, Canada. She recently posted this set of pictures that I’ve now seen in a few places online. I have 2 great-nephews, 3 and 1. I [...]

Clash Of Clans Gets Updated with Level 13 Canons!

Very popular iOS and Android Game Clash of Clans just got a nice update today after several days of leaked rumors. First off Canons got a huge update leveling off the defensive capabilities of your base [...]

Bamboo and Wood Gadget Accessories

To each their own I guess. Personally I can never get enough carbon fiber and black accessories on my device fast enough. But, if you are into the natural scene then Impecca has some new accessories [...]

Vaxza iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

There is no doubt that we all would like our smart phones to last longer on a single charge. Some devices have removable batteries while others like the iPhone 6 require you to plug-in to recharge [...]

Amzer Kristal Edge2Edge Screen Protector Review

I dropped a fair bit a money on my iPhone 6 Plus and have loved this device ever since. The larger “phablet” sized screen did take some getting used to but in relatively no time at [...]

Webroot Internet Security Review

  Every day we’re bombarded with PC Matic commercials and print ads from McAfee, Kaspersky, AVG, Avast & Norton among others. I bet you haven’t heard of Webroot though. So does that make the product unworthy [...]