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Apple Watch Killing The Internet Browser Conspiracy Theory

Is the death of the internet, or at least the internet browser finally upon us? Could massive use of mobile apps and “personal pc’s” finally bring about the doom of the Google search function? Is the devious Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO and the rest of his diabolical team behind the death of the internet browser? The answer to some is yes because of Apple’s decision to not include Safari on the Apple Watch. First of all, did you even notice that Safari was not included on the Apple Watch? Second how in the world would it even be functional on the Apple Watch’s small screen and user interface? Why would you even need it when you are required to tether it to your iPhone for most of it’s functions anyway that require it to be connected online?

I was simply dumbfounded to see how much chatter this was actually getting on social networking and various blogs. First, the internet browser is slowly being rendered “less used” because of the massive amount of apps that we use to provide us information we would have otherwise “Googled” to get. Apps like Facebook and Twitter for example have massive current news and trends already hash tagged for easy consumption. So is the internet browser a buggy whip? I don’t think so. Will it decline as apps continue to dominate how we interact with news and information. Most definitely. But the idea that the Apple Watch and wearable technology in general have anything to do with it is ridicules. It would not surprise me if Apple includes it on the first model Watch that is a stand alone device meaning it has cellular capabilities already cooked (no pun intended) into it.