Windows Phone

WP 8.1 is growing up. How would you change it?

This is seems like an obligatory post that pops up on Engadget at least once every two days and they’re getting paid the big bucks so I figured let’s give it a whirl.  I will however [...]

So what’s your WP 8.1 battery life like?

We’ve been all over the board here at the staff since the update.  Some of us are claiming constant non-stop drain and others are doing okay.  I can’t say we’ve had anyone reporting massive increases in [...]

What feature are you using most in WP8.1?

Most people are locked on to this idea that Cortana is the WP 8.1 show stopper.  I disagree.  Digital assistants and I have a very tumultuous relationship in every iteration that has existed.  Voice controls just [...]

How do you choose your theme?

I’ve been experimenting with themes on my new yellow 1020.  I don’t really dig the yellow tiles myself so I’ve been using blue.  What I also realized is that once I find my comfort color, I [...]

WP 8.1 should arrive early next week…

Reports of the 10th have obviously become erroneous at this point.  Looking over to WPCentral, they’ve pegged a date for either the 14th or 15th, which would jive well with reports from Microsoft about being the [...]

Belfiore says 8.1 going out in Dev Preview the first part of April.

Just saw this hit twitter.  Still no exact date for when this will happen but keep your eyes peeled between now and then.  I’ve heard as early as the 10th or as late as the 14th [...]

Looks like Microsoft just black bagged the Reddit leaker…

A few days ago there were several news site reporting on this Reddit AMA.  This guy claims to have had 8.1 running on a couple of different phones and was answering questions left and right, probably [...]

Live Websites Coming To Windows Phone 8.1

There is a mountain of information in the breakout sessions that took place during Build 2014. One of the sessions that piqued my interest was Live Tile Enhancements. One of the things that I can say [...]

Another Windows Phone App Bites the Dust

Well, almost. Sports Calendar was one of the first apps I downloaded in 2011. This app is unique to the Windows Phone Store in that it provides schedules, including playoffs,  for every major North American Sports [...]

Get yourself some of that 8.1 Cortana action on the 10th (or whenever according to Cody). This is how.

I’ve looked into this so you don’t have to. It’s not hard and very free.  Follow my step by step directions and you’ll be on your way to chatting up the blue Halo lady along with [...]