Windows Phone

NOAA Hi-Def Radar–Touch Input Only!–NOT!

  I have been using My Radar on my Windows 8 machines for a couple years. It works, but the resolution is really poor. So when I read about NOAA Hi-Def Radar this morning I got [...]

Syncing you HERE and Nokia Map Accounts

So you recently read about how you should create a new HERE account soon because your Nokia account, just like all things Micronokia, are going away. So you quickly created your new HERE account and nothing. [...]

Microsoft’s Universal Apps Are Making This Guy LESS Productive

After touting Windows Phone for two years, no one was more excited in 2012 to see Windows 8 and that glorious Start Screen, with all those app tiles flipping about. While others may have seen a [...]

Today I was forced to buy a year old tablet

I was excited for cyber Monday. I need a new tablet for work. I had a Dell Venue Pro 8 that bit the dust. I relied heavily on it for note taking. If I got a [...]

Yes, it is true. Microsoft Acquired Acompli – Mobile App for managing email and calendars.

Last week there was a blank blog post from Microsoft Corporate vice president Rajesh Jha that hit the blogosphere via RSS feeds last week. And that news was immediately picked up various tech blogs and got [...]

Microsoft Lumia 1030 Rumors Sporting 50MP Shooter

Leaked images and leaked specs should always be considered “just rumors” but when they are talking about flagship devices and monstrously huge cameras then we get excited!. After dumping the Nokia branding from their future smart [...]

Microsoft releases Digital Gift Cards app

Microsoft has released Digital Gift Cards for phones. Available here It lets you buy, send and manage ecards from Microsoft that can be used for phones, pcs and Xbox. You can personalize the cards, choose [...]

Nokia Lumia 635 No Contract $39.99

If y u are looking for a very nice deal on a good phone then check out the “Slickdeals” on this Nokia Lumia 635 for $39.99, no contract and free shipping. There already have been several [...]

CNN Push Notification Problem With Windows Phone?

Getting some reports that the CNN App for Windows Phone might be experiencing some push notification problems. Seems to have started sometime last week. Is anyone else having any issues? Let us know. [...]

Fan-boy Rant – Interoperability and Integration among Microsoft Hardware

Well you are aware that I’ve bought Microsoft Band and I also said I am a Microsoft fan-boy. Even though I really like every technology out there, and use what serves my purpose, I prefer using [...]