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DuoLingo is better on Windows Phone

I don’t have many apps, mainly because they suck. Not just on windows phones but speaking more generally. Having to dive through dozens of apps for things has never been something I want to deal with. I don’t think I’ve ever had more than a dozen (not including games) apps on my phones. To my surprise, I found one app that, thanks to Microsoft abandonment of the platform, is much better.

Yo necesito ir a la clase de Espanol. Hence, I downloaded Duo Lingo. My fiancé and roommate did as well. My lady and I are learning because basically no one we work with speaks Spanish and we like money and promotions. My roommate is learning German because he’s trying to get laid. Priorities. Regardless of your reason for using it, Duolingo is actually pretty awesome. I feel like I’ve learned more Spanish in the past two weeks than two semesters in high school. This could have been due to the fact my priorities were more closely aligned with my roommate’s at the time.  As we’ve progressed through our linguistic journeys I noticed him doing something strange on his phone.

I walked through the room the other day and he’s staring at ads on his phone. I don’t know what that’s like, mostly because I usually buy apps to avoid that sort of thing or just use a windows phone and no one thinks advertising to three people is worth the time. I asked him what he was doing staring at his phone like it was undressing, and he replied “learning German”. I wasn’t sure what he meant and asked if some new and updated Android Duo Lingo app had German ads for you to watch and translate. Turns out on every other platform Duo Lingo has ads, once again showing scientifically that windows phone was the right choice. Seriously, 10$ for one month of ad free use? I’m serious about learning Spanish to help myself, not others.

Most arrogance aside, Duo Lingo is an awesome app and if you’re interested in learning another language (and also living under a rock because it’s been out for six years). It makes the process fun and very effective at reinforcing the things you’ve learned, even if you don’t have anyone else to speak the language with.