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Microsoft’s Universal Remote Desktop App Takes Continuum To Next Level

I’ve been a huge proponent of continuum and its future from well before it was even announced. Ultimately the miniaturization and the end goal to, as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella puts it, have “mobility of experiences” means that it isn’t a ultrabook or a tablet that mobilie technology is moving towards. Star Trek had a handheld communicator not a large tablet while they cruised around the galaxy. Today’s highlight and preview of the universal Remote Desktop app from Microsoft takes a giant leap forward for not just continuum but the mobility technology market. Imagine having your phone on you and you have to catch a flight for business. No need to lug a laptop of tablet around in the luggage or backpack, simply whip out your phone, either wirelessly or by cable connect to an external screen and get to work. Enough with the words, I’ll let the accompanying video take it from here.