Am I the only one that keeps seeing all of those census 2010 commercials? Well it got into my head and I think it’s time for us to take a bit of a census around here. As you know, Fuze Mobility has a pretty strong Windows Phone following and Mobility Digest has been opening its doors to more and more Android  and iPhone news and in fact there’s nothing off limits there. [There’s also Xbox 360 Digest but it’s pretty obvious what it’s about]. Anyway, we realize that you may be changing devices and may be planning on a different OS for your next phone and we’re sort of curious what you guys use and what you plan to use. There’s nothing scientific here. Unlike the general population, you guys area bunch of hackers and tweakers…and we love you for it.

Anyway, you can pick up to two options since I know some of you rock multiple phones and we encourage that:)And feel free to use the comments to remind everyone why you’re right, they’re wrong and fill it with all the (mis)information you want and then someone will plea that we all get along and it will continue anyway…aahhh good times:) Let the games begin:

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  1. […] and then someone will plea that we all get along and it will continue anyway…aahhh good times:) Head over here to Mobility Digest to take the polls. […]

  2. Call me old fashioned, but I will stick with 6.5.x for as long as I possibly can. WM7, while good for Microsoft, is not getting me excited. Too imbedded into WM to jump over to Android (my second choice at this point) unless I have to.

    I have lots of acquaintances and relatives but only a handful of friends, so I am an Outlook, PIM centered guy. Don’t need Facebook and only got a Twitter account just to see what all the fuss was about. Also, not a gamer so XBox is just a four letter word to me (or is a word). Don’t need or want the Cloud to have access to any or all of my personal info. It’s already been proven that the Cloud can lose, leak and screw stuff up just as easily as us humans. A responsibility and risk I am willing to take.

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