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Comparing Windows Phone sales to Android…Really?

imageSometimes the sensational titles get the better of us.  In this case this rings oh so true.  Recently we’ve been seeing stories being ran and spread across the internet and it reads like this “Android outselling Windows Phone 7 15 to 1.” Is it really a surprise to anyone that Android is outselling Windows Phone right now?  I mean Really?

We are talking about the same Android that is said to be outselling the iPhone and its legions of followers.  Sometimes the blatantly obvious just escapes us.  My advice is to sit back and watch everything unfold as Microsoft continues to push the new brand and OEMs show their commitment to the platform.  We did hear rumblings that Samsung was set to double up on Windows Phone 7 devices in 2011 which means its going to deliver the same hardware feature set the Android platform gets.

Another thing of note is that unlike the iPhone, the Android phones keep being discounted and sold off at reduced prices.  This is clearly a significant help in the matter as is the fact it is pretty much the only platform getting major marketing push by arguably two of America’s largest providers-Verizon and Sprint.

I”m curious to see how the Android sales continue once the iPhone comes to Verizon and Windows Phone continues to add in business features and connect its services (Xbox to Windows Phone, Kinect).

Again is it really newsworthy that Android with all its momentum is outselling Windows Phones.  Heck, Windows Phones isn’t even on a network that’s giving them front page status.  Maybe that is exactly what Windows Phones needs, a home to call its own?