imagePoultry taking on foxes is nothing like angry birds taking on pigs. Oh it’s like exactly the same except it’s available for Windows Phones now. You have to launch the poultry at the foxes and it’s got the physics you’d expect. You pinch to zoom in/out. Just a word of caution – when you release your zoom make sure you don’t fire your chicken by accident. I have a few misfires already. The first few levels are really easy and it progresses quickly. I’ve put about 2 minutes of game play into it and it’s fun and plays as expected (except for the misfiring thing) but if you’re into the Angry Birds genre definitely get this one now.

Give it a shot. OH and IT’S FREE (for now at least). It’s in the games category.

UPDATE: From the dev:

I just released the Chicks’n’Vixens Beta for Windows Phone 7. I debated with myself whether to have a beta or not and decided what the hell? The Beta is free and is meant to get user feedback of the game. I’m not expecting much praise (far from it) but I figure the feedback I receive will be well worth the torrent of hate. My only hope is I don’t regret the Beta release. Still, after ‘Meteor Manias” positive reception I’m not sure how I will take the flaming, hopefully positively.

Video from version 0.5, Beta on app store is 0.4, 0.5 will be released when Microsoft approves it.

The reason I started work on this game was actually in response to Rovio’s slowness in getting a Windows Phone 7 port of angry birds. While Angry Birds was made with a budget of 100,000 euros this game was made for much less than $1000, if I were Rovio and had access to the art and knew about the 2D physics engines settings for the various objects (mass, physics, restitution, etc) I could get Angry Birds running on Windows Phone 7 in under a week.

No offense Rovio, but if a two bit hack like me can do this much you should be able to do better


  1. I’ll admit that I was wondering about this game, but don’t often download new stuff just to give it a quick look. Thanks for the quick review. I’ll be giving this a try to see what this whole craze is about.

  2. Well let’s see. From the market’s description:

    Silicone vs Real – Angry Boobs arcade battles featuring hundreds of levels. Touch the booby and milk-shoot all the enemy boobies on the screen!

    FULL VERSION – enjoy addictive, endless fun with Angry Boobies!

    The demo pulled in 1.5 stars (out of five), the comments were categorically harsh which may be why only 22 people payed a $0.99 for the full version. Also it was listed way way down on the search for angry. This is the Android market at work. I know that sounds complicated, using stars and list ranking or comments too as indicators of what’s good, but eventually you get the hang of it.

    Angry Birds available for WP7 too, huh. Same thing? One would think it would be a better version, no?

  3. @Doug Simmons: description sounds funny enough;)
    Yeah I don’t know how Angry Birds became a phenom like it did seeing how many games share most of its qualities. It’s fun and all but the more I play various physics games the less I’m drawn to Andgry Birds. With that said, they’ve made a name for themselves and they’re a yardstick whether we think they deserve it or not…

  4. Hi Guys,

    I’m the developer for ‘Chicks’n’Vixens’. For those of you who are finding the game unplayable I would just like to apologies. I have identified and resolved the issue, it is up to Microsoft now to push through the update (should happen next week).

    In the mean time you can work around the issue by setting your user interface setting (under settings/regions) to English-UK or English-US (or just English something).

    Again I’m really sorry about this bug, it has been addressed and will come in the next update (along with improved framerate and more stable physics simulation).

  5. I haven’t had any major issues except the accidental launching of fowl and can’t quite figure out how to get by level 4. It looks good so far. Wish I knew more about how to actually play and what the different colored chickens do, but it’s entertaining so far. Thanks for your work on it.

  6. @Peter: The youtube video gives most of it away but the yellow guys do nothing. The white guys, if you tap the screen they drpo an egg that causes all sorts of meyheim. The red guys, if you tap the screen they start to flap their wings and they propel through things. Oh and the offwhite kind of guys explode when you tap the screen.

  7. Thanks JabberWorx for dropping by and chiming in. Makes our audience think we’re a bigger operation than we are when a developer does that.

    Got some questions if you don’t mind: Suppose you knew Java inside-out and were familiar with the Android SDK and Eclipse and you woke up determined to get Chicks’n’Vixens ported over to Android. Would you have to code it up from scratch or is there any way to make the process less mundane than that? Suppose you didn’t know anything Android — are there outfits you can hire to port your stuff? If there were would you trust such an operation with your source?

    Your outlook on WP7’s success? Do you care much about that, the platform’s share? Do you like the pond being small as a developer in a place not filled to the brim with applications? Developed for any other platforms before?

    What’s your primary phone and which was your previous?

    That’s all I’ve got. Thanks.

  8. Hi Doug,

    No one is too small for me ;)

    As far as I know to port this game to Android I’d have to re-write a lot of it in Java. I’m more than happy to do that if I ever have to dev for android (which might happen). I have no real objection to giving my code to someone else to port to Android, if I think I can trust said person I’ll give them the code.

    I’m not sure how WP7 will do in the long run. The original Xbox wasn’t a huge success out of the gate either but it picked up eventually and I’m hoping the same will happen with WP7. I would like to eventually become regarded as a premium WP7 developer. However Microsoft has made that difficult since it gives more exposure to xbox live branded games but I can’t do much about that. I guess my overall goal is to have my games become as popular as xbox live branded ones if not more so.

    I’m using a Samsung Omnia 7, my last phone was a Sony Erricson w910i.

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