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Chicks’n’Vixens – Angry Chicks Available Now For Windows Phones

imagePoultry taking on foxes is nothing like angry birds taking on pigs. Oh it’s like exactly the same except it’s available for Windows Phones now. You have to launch the poultry at the foxes and it’s got the physics you’d expect. You pinch to zoom in/out. Just a word of caution – when you release your zoom make sure you don’t fire your chicken by accident. I have a few misfires already. The first few levels are really easy and it progresses quickly. I’ve put about 2 minutes of game play into it and it’s fun and plays as expected (except for the misfiring thing) but if you’re into the Angry Birds genre definitely get this one now.

Give it a shot. OH and IT’S FREE (for now at least). It’s in the games category.

UPDATE: From the dev:

I just released the Chicks’n’Vixens Beta for Windows Phone 7. I debated with myself whether to have a beta or not and decided what the hell? The Beta is free and is meant to get user feedback of the game. I’m not expecting much praise (far from it) but I figure the feedback I receive will be well worth the torrent of hate. My only hope is I don’t regret the Beta release. Still, after ‘Meteor Manias” positive reception I’m not sure how I will take the flaming, hopefully positively.

Video from version 0.5, Beta on app store is 0.4, 0.5 will be released when Microsoft approves it.

The reason I started work on this game was actually in response to Rovio’s slowness in getting a Windows Phone 7 port of angry birds. While Angry Birds was made with a budget of 100,000 euros this game was made for much less than $1000, if I were Rovio and had access to the art and knew about the 2D physics engines settings for the various objects (mass, physics, restitution, etc) I could get Angry Birds running on Windows Phone 7 in under a week.

No offense Rovio, but if a two bit hack like me can do this much you should be able to do better