Applause is due because this is a pretty smart marketing technique. Apparently those pesky little Android phones just aren’t cutting it for a lot of people so Brandon Watson is swooping in to get converts. Check this out:

Molly has 50,000 Twitter followers and I’m sure a strong RSS following as well so for the few dollars that Microsoft is going to spend on sending her a Mangoized device it’s well worth the return. It’s pretty simple – if you get people to try Windows phones they love it. So this is a great way to get word of mouth advertising. And fortunately Android is selling like hotcakes so there are plenty of unsatisfied customers that Watson can pick off one by one.


  1. I left WinMo for not providing the right device.I think that is where the discussion should be.I am Using Android on a Dell Streak 5 this time around. I would try Windows if someone else picked up the tab. Yea, sounds like great marketing, “Will you try it if we Give you one?” Pretty sad windows. Quit bashing, and just keep bringing me the news. Thanks. Peace

  2. Why are people still talking about WinMo ..when its about WinPhone now….:p Anyways, I have just purchased an Omnia 7 about a month back ( even though its just 8 gig) of storage.. the performance on this is just so pleasant. This is just going to get so much better when the mango update comes.
    I hv tried Dell Streak , its strength is perhaps the screen size.. but in terms of responsiveness and speed is disappointing.

    Be patient the great news will come within this year. :)

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