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MobilityLeaks: He Don’t Know Shit from Shinola”

15791177_be40c4c742On 4/22/2011 9:07 PM, Jimski wrote:

Interesting that the 3,000 registered users of this app represent 77 different countries/regions. Pretty amazing based on the small sample size that probably works out to 0.1% of total WP7 users.

Doug Simmons:

First of all Gramps without looking at anything 3m sounds a bit steep to me, even worldwide. But even if just enough people finally bought one for you to look at some map mashup and think "Well I’ll be gosh darned, whatever (100 / 0.1) * 3000 equals, it feels like we’ve hit seven digits in only several months, but damnit I think I broke my hip again," so what?

Doug Smith:

Repect yer elders ya young disrespectful whipper snapper!

old-man-with-cane1Doug Simmons

I would but he don’t know shit from Shinola. He probably doesn’t even know what Shinola is even though he was too old to serve in Korea.

Here’s some real data old timer. While you’ll gobble up any WP sales data from any whacky "analyst" (provided you don’t have to chew it), I go by Facebook scraping data of the built-in client and here’s what it reveals:

Windows Phone sales have slumped to their low. In terms of Facebook usage growth rate (monthly average users divided by days), their peak was mid February at almost seven thousand more users over the trailing month (wonder why..). As of last Monday, under two thousand having steadily declined since, or a 0.70% bump in the base versus 2.18% mid February. The only thing that’s steady about its sales performance is that it continues to head toward zero.

I know a thousand may strike you as a big sum of anything, like points in a bingo competition, but to put that into perspective for you Android’s change in monthly active Facebook-using users (daily average) leading up to last Monday? About 1.1m, or 49.47% relative to the prior month.

Capiche Jim?

Old-ManChris Leiter:



Chris Leiter:

Some food for that thought :

The iPhone is 60% of all smartphone sale in att last quarter. Blackberry, android and wp7 are grouped into the remaining 40%

It’s safe to assume that android made up anywhere from 25-30% of that remainder, and that blackberry had the majority of the remaining 10-15%. if 60% is 3.6 million of 5.5million smartphones sold, that doesn’t leave as many wp7 sales, but certainly allows for close to 2m, MAYBE 3m in total since launch.

Yet, 80,000 people per day are buying an iPhone…..

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old-people-playing-wiiDoug Simmons:

Yeah because whatever AT&T decides to push is a perfect indicator of what the world wants, those guys have a history of having their shit together to the point where when the customers of a company they’re buying out finds out AT&T’s trying to buy them they get extraordinarily pissed off. Great, AT&T.

Well, according to the same data iPhones outnumber Androids almost two to one worldwide. However Androids have been outselling iPhones since February, lately by about 25% in spite of your CNET AT&T bullshit. Android for the win. Say your prayers Nokia, look what you hitched your wagon to.


Who pissed off Simmons today?


Latest word on the street is about 2.5M, so I rounded up a bit. But as usual you changed the subject to suit your needs.   My comment referred to the cross section of users based on a very small (ok 1% if you think there are only really 300K in the wild) sampling.

One thing I have learned sonny boy is patience, and I got a Ulysses that says you will own a Windows Phone by 2014.  Who wants to hold it. At 55 you never know, I might not be around by then. On the other hand, with your rants an MS Fanboy might whack you one day, so I want to make sure I am covered.

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Old ManDoug Simmons:

I see you’ve busted out your Yahoo account Jim. Don’t move too far away from the AOL home, you might get lost and not remember where you came from and end up just sort of wandering into other people’s homes, then the cops will have to pick you up and waste time trying to figure out where you belong.


Actually that data is based on the Facebook app that every blogger say sucks. I wouldn’t know as I never use it. But the built-in Facebook integration is showing 900K average users per month. But hey, I am not gonna argue with your distorted stats.

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retirement home activities director-thumb-572xauto-84456

Doug Simmons

Distorted data? The reason I use this data is because it is the least distorted of anything I’ve found and doesn’t come from anyone I should look at much more skeptically. And there are multiple Facebook clients for other platforms including Android, I’m guessing iPhones too — I’m just going with the built in standard issue to keep things constant and measurable.

How exactly does your take on bloggers’ opinions of the built-in Facebook client make using the number new people over a month using the service through that program not a good metric of its sales?

If I said "Admob said this and that about Windows Phone" and you said "You little whippersnapper, Admob is owned by Google!" then you might almost have a point whereas here you just have hair growing out of your ears and a dollop of mucous growing between your nostrils — which are also hairy.

Doug Smith:

Actually I said whipper snapper.

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