OK so after NRG tweeted about 20 times about CHT (CoOkie’s Home Tab) I figured it was worth taking a look. Wow. I thought I was done messing with TF3D 2.5 but really, this is the only tweak you need. Just watch this video from PocketNow.

Yeah, you can customize everything…like everything. Pretty sweet and you can just drag and drop everything. it’s not like the old days of looking at a series of text choices and waiting to refresh to see what would happen. The download can be found here and the Home Tab Editor (also shown in the video) can be found here. Very very sick stuff.


  1. Man.. that ROM is slow.. my NRG ROM flies compared to that. I’m going to download the April 12 NRG ROM w/CHT 1.7 and try it out today, but if it’s that slow, I’m going back to the plain ROM ASAP.

    Very cool features though! I liked CHT over Max for sure.

  2. All I can say is WOW!!! Brillant mod in conjuction with NRG’s latest Cookie version, very fast…Cookie really did raise the bar with this mod. and I’m very stoked about the future progress of his work…

  3. Have flashed NRG’s April 13 ROM on my Tilt 2. With CHT 1.7 cooked in, this ROM flies compared to the one in the video above. There’s no comparison. Hands down, this is the best ROM I’ve ever used. Highly Recommended!

    Oh, and CHT 1.7 is amazing.

  4. This is a mod that everyone should have. It adds so much to the user experience and it doesn’t look like a bolt on. People I’m shown my HD2 with a reconfigured UI w/CHT are re-thinking WM on the HD2 as it is a great value. In my opinion HTC with Sense 3.x will out WP7, WP7 without the constraints.

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