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Google Voice Comes To Your Pocket

For those of you that use Google Voice, GVdialer is a mobile application for Google Voice that supports the Touch Pro/Fuze and the Tilt as well as almost all Windows phones, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and the iPhone. It even lets you make calls using your standard dialer, contacts and call log. GVDialer has the following features:

  • One number – Present the Google number as the Caller ID on outgoing mobile calls and keep the mobile number private.
  • Simple calling – Dial directly from the phone’s contacts, speed dial, call log or keypad, and GVdialer automatically connects the call using Google Voice.
  • Cost saving – Set the Google Number as a favorite number on the mobile plan and stop paying for local and national long distance calls. Take advantage of Google’s low rates for international calls.
  • Google Voice access – get instant access to Google Voice features like Voice mail, Inbox, GOOG-411
  • Customizable – GVdialer gives the user the flexibility to configure when GV will be used – e.g., all calls, international calls, or decide on each and every call.
    The download is available from There’s a free 30 days trial or for a one time fee of $9.99 you will also get future updates to the application.
    For those of you looking for a free solution to use Google Voice you may want to check out iDialer from supbro of XDA. It doesn’t appear to be as feature rich…but it’s free:)