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Fishing Joy 2 Coming July 12th to iTunes

I’ve never heard of the first game but Fishing Joy 2 is an underwater casual game and is the sequel to Fishing Joy. In Fishing Joy 2, players catch fifteen different types of sea creatures using tools and weapons ranging in power, but the outcome will always be unexpected. So here’s some screenshots for you along with more info…

The larger the fish, the more valuable they are. Catching a clownfish will grant players eight coins but snagging a hammerhead shark will give players 100 coins. Players must test their luck and use coins to try to catch as many fish as possible. In Fishing Joy 2, players have the option to exchange gold coins to boost firepower and increase the likelihood of catching the biggest fish. The newest feature in Fishing Joy 2 is the multiplier. Multiply the weight of each shot up to 50x to gain more coins with every shot. But remember, the more coins players risk, the more they can lose, too.
If players collect enough coins to level up they will unlock brand new underwater scenes like the Blue Coast. In this relaxing, underwater world, players can pass the time watching beautiful fish swim by or step up the excitement by racking up coins to win bigger prizes.
Fishing Joy 2 (International Edition) will have an iPhone/iPod version as well as an iPad HD version that was created specifically for the new iPad’s high definition retina display. Both apps will be sold in the App Store for $0.99.

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