I know I have written more on Google Glass without having any insight into physical product. I vouch that I haven’t seen one in person, forget about its architecture and usage. I have almost zero knowledge there, other than some reading on Google Glass Developer portal. I would definitely love to have one because I am a “Mega Computer Geek.” My silly thoughts are could Google deactivate the Glass remotely without any notification? I am asking this because Amazon erased books on Kindle devices remotely and without telling users and Google also deleted few apps from Android Phones in the past. Given that fact, and since Glass runs on Android, I think Google could deactivate remotely the device. The other question I have is would it be possible for someone to hack into Glasses remotely and display annoying message saying something like “You’re pwned. Now throwaway your Google Glasses and enjoy real world!” I think it is possible, but scary definitely.


  1. How about someone hacking in and forcing a “silent” video record to start if you’re at an ATM machine, or something like that?

  2. If I’m not mistaken, in addition to Schmidt saying they intend to start “cautiously” with things like a pre-approved-only app store, it runs an Android 4 variant, and we already know Google has a kill switch at least for apps that they have used on occasion for malware, though not yet to mess with people’s heads. And if they can do that, and if they can for example send you an OTA update of not just apps but the firmware, yeah, it would be within their technical capability (but not interests) to deactivate your glasses.

    However the only deactivation I imagine they’d be interested is the type the ability they might give to you (at least with paid Google Apps). As for hackers, like your alarmist nonsense, yes, they exist, they’ve caused Google trouble in the past, and given the uniquely incendiary nature of Google Glass (it has its own category on our site already), I’ll bet it will pull more than its share of hackers out of the woodwork, good and bad ones. This is already taking place: http://tech.slashdot.org/story/13/04/28/1210216/google-releases-glass-kernel-source-code

    It will continue with more and more places banning it, then there will be Google Glass-related arrests and otherwise colorful incidents, and they will be widely reported.

  3. I was wondering if Glass runs through Google servers, is someone screening content? And if they see “inappropriate” use would they shut down the offending users unit?
    And if I am not mistaken, didn’t “Big Brother” get the best photos of the Boston bombing suspects? And if so, does that doom us to constant surveillance?
    While we worry about our privacy, wouldn’t Glass put more “eyes” on the street?
    Has anyone seen one in the wild yet?

  4. When the unit gets integrated into our glasses, will it be more subtle and harder to spot, allowing for more clandestine use?

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