Eye Copy solves two problems for Windows phone. First, it lets you create PDF files on your phone. Secondly, it lets you email them. Yes, there’s no way to email an Adobe from your phone on WP7 unless you’re forwarding an email that already has the attachment but otherwise if you have an Adobe on your phone you can’t attach that to an email. So now you can take a picture and turn it into a PDf and you can even take multiple pictures and make it several pages. In the business world, pdf is king so this is great. And there’s even an option to email a download link (instead of sending the full file) and for 30 days you can download that file or send the link to others to share. Here’s the complete app description:

Need a photo of that document at the library? Need to scan in your receipts and send them in for reimbursement? Want to combine all your vacation photos into a single PDF and send them to family, right from your phone? Eye Copy is for you! An easy and fast interface makes it simple to snap documents and photos and send them off, right from your phone, whenever it’s convenient for YOU!
Attorneys: Snap photos of documents and combined them in a single PDF for easy filing!
Business Professionals: Scan in your receipts and send them to accounts payable for quicker reimbursement.
Students: Save money on copies and just take snapshots of those notes and email them to your classmates or to yourself.
Realtors: Take photos of homes and send them quickly to your clients.
– Combine multiple photos into a single, convenient PDF
– Insert receipts for getting reimbursed on trips
– Use existing photos or snap new ones inside the application
– Easy to use, and fast
– Free support

I’ve tried this one and it works as described. You can add photos from your phone or tae new pictures and add them and if you have multiples they each take a page. Emailing worked as expected. That’s a huge annoyance on WP7 and glad to see there’s a workaround.

There’s a free 14-day trial or you can own it for just $2. Here’s the download link:


  1. So does that mean you can email PDFs you’ve saved on your phone somewhere in addition to ones created through this app? I wasn’t quite clear on that point. I don’t care as much about creating a PDF at this point, but emailing them would be a nice addition.

  2. @Peter: You still can’t save an Adobe and then email it out. You need to create the Adobe using their app. The reason is because MS has walls all over the OS and Adobes sit in a sandbox so developers cannot access them. What this app does is create the Adobe within the app and using an embedded email system they can email it out.. So technically the email sent is not sent through your Outlook. It goes through their app, out their email server to your recipient but it has your name and email address on the receiving side.

  3. Sounds a lot like the functionality in HandyScan. Any chance of a comparison? That one also has the email feature, plus the ability to add text and “optimize” the image when importing, basically playing with the brightness and contrast. The only problem I’ve had with HandyScan is with PDFs with a lot of pages. The multi-page navigation is kinda flaky with 5 pages or more, and their email server has a 1.5 Mb limit. It allows you to dumb down the resolution to reduce file size, but you shouldn’t have to on a paid app…

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