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Featured App: Alcohol Test for WP7

Here is one of those fun apps that you just need to have a around. Unlike other sobriety apps that try to calculate your blood alcohol level, and require a very sober person to enter the detailed info accurately, Alcohol Test evaluates your reflexes through three tests and then advises if you passed or failed. The app provides instructions on each screen for new users or those who suffer from CRS.

After defining your sex, first up is the Brake Test. When the light changes from green to red, you have to tap “brake” as quickly as possible. Not being an experienced gamer I have failed this test more than once, so you need to be pretty quick. Next up is Find Road Signs where you are presented with a grid of 16 blank squares and you need to tap a square when a road sign appears. Fortunately, everything that pops up is a sign so you don’t actually have to read it. Otherwise I would never be able to drive. Finally you have Steer, where the app makes use of your accelerometer. It starts with the steering wheel facing straight and the text, “go straight on”. After a sort of random delay period, the wheel will turn left or right and instruct you to turn in that direction. Holding your device vertically in front of you, move your arm quickly left or right about a foot (worked for me) and then back to where you started. As it takes a little technique, this test will allow you to start over if it does not register your response or even if you turn left when you should turn right (some people like me can still screw that up sometimes). The instructions are definitely random. I have run the test a dozen or so times and there is no set pattern.

From the developer:

Each test runs four events and they are averaged together for pass/fail by test. So one bad event will not necessarily cause a fail if you get better with the other three. If you do fail, a stern, but calm, state trooper suggests that you you are drunk and should not be driving. If you pass, a short skirted figure with an eastern European voice acknowledges that she loves guys willing to drive her home. The end of the test also provides details of your test results measured in milliseconds. Its good that with a name like “Alcohol Test” the app will appear near the top of your apps list so no scrolling, especially if you really need the test, to find it.

So amuse yourself or your friends and download Alcohol test today from Zune Marketplace. Just in time for the holiday party season. Oh, and if you give your phone to a drunken friend or coworker to test his/her sobriety, make sure you get their keys AND wallet first. Keys for obvious reasons and wallet so you can use their credit card to buy a new phone when they either punch out the screen or fling you phone across the parking lot while trying to steer. Sorry, no trial (grrrrr) but its yours for 0.99.