imageOne of the reasons people stick with Blackberry’s is the ability to BBM (which I’ve never fully understand but I’ll let it go). Anyway, the ability to instant message through Gtalk, AIM, MSN, Facebook and BBM is coming thanks to CrossTalk. They note “Now your Blackberry users can BBM your GTalk Android users or anyone else.” They state that Android is coming late August (which they now say a beta is coming late August or early September) and via Twitter they’ve confirmed that it’s coming to iPhone and WP7 in late September or October. I’m not sure how they’ll pull off the BBM capabilities as it requires a BBM PIM but I’ll let them reveal their secret. If this works it can really put a dent on Blackberry since those BB users are hooked on BBM (seriously, it’s just texting with the ability to see if a message is read – get over it).

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  1. I disagree BBM is better than just a chat program that you can read, it’s a great program and if other phones offer the ability to get an app than I will switch but until than, I am happy with my blackberry.

  2. BBM is way more thah a chat program. The groups feature in 5.0 which allows a # of users to chat in a chatroom continuously and also share pictures, events and voicenotes is unmatched by any current chat app.

    I just switched from BB to Android and can admit that I miss this feature a lot.

  3. If it works, it WILL be awesome… I’m an ex-BlackBerry user who switched to Android and me, too, miss BBM… Not so much because of the IM capabilities (I can do that with WLM or GTalk), but maybe it’s because it made you feel elite… ANYONE can get an IM account, but not everyone can have a BBPin… And there’s also the fact that since BBM is always running, your message is bound to get through… Most of my friends are not always logged on their WLM or GTalk accounts, mainly because of their work, but I’m sure that as long as their phone is ON (and trust me, owning a BlackBerry you ALWAYS have it ON), they’re on BBM and will get my IM…

  4. you guys may want to check out PingChat, allows that exclusive feel of bbm, and adds the ability to go across all phone platforms

  5. Yes but dude can I messenger talk with people that have BBM cause i’v got an iPhone (witch I think is way beter than blackberry) and my friends all have blackberry so can I talk to them via my I messenger shot and ur right they should get over the hole bbm thing

  6. Applications for Android Market - Page 4 - American Police Beat Forums powered by OfficerResource | Law Enforcement Forums, Police Forums

    […] that everyone pretty much had to have it. I've been hearing rumors about an app to be called Crosstalk that's supposed to be true cross-platform instant messenger service, including reaching Blackberry […]

  7. See the thing with pingchat is that it doesn’t connect to bbm. It’s a program that runs like bbm but you need to have contacts who have ping chat too. If nobody else has ping chat then there”‘s no point in having it. The best thing I found so far is the apps that let you connect to messenger and fb Like ebuddy.

  8. So everyone knows, Crosstalk is dead for now as far as I know. The reason is that RIM sued the crap out of a company that they were working with for breach of all sorts of things when they made a BBM client. Now it was different than Crosstalk but the level at which RIM went after them I tink shocked the dev of Crosstalk and I think it’s scrapped for now.

  9. Um, BBM is good for people who have contacts internationally that they share more than just text conversation. For instance, I use BBM to keep in touch with my family in Germany. When my cousin had her baby, she sent me photos for free via BBM.

    You can argue and say that email is just as useful, but it really isn’t.

  10. It’s not just the fact that you can tell wether a message is read or not. For people the frequently cross the border and do not have international texting, it is costly to text (50 – 75 cents a text) With BBM I can contact my BBM contacts at 99% less than the cost of sending a text.

  11. Man, if this happens, BB is not gonna be the same. I personally changed from an Android to a BB because I saw that everyone was posting and talking about “PINS” and stuff. People is not going to buy BBs anymore….

  12. @Joel: I should post an update on this but if you look for Kik (it’s an IM app) and see the litigation they’re in, you’ll know that this app is DOA now. RIM is suing Kik currently. If MS has any clear where things are headed they would push Live Messenger on all devices today. It has 300m users already and it’s a no brainer with facebook chat integrated.

  13. I see what you mean that BBM is only helpful to see if your message was read, but there is another very strong advantage. It helps people get in touch with each other over seas if they do not have international texting.

  14. ok i dont own a blackberry and from what i can tell and have seen
    my Ebuddy app for my non android based smart phone works just the same
    but i can chat on and myspace
    The only one missing is bbm and i cant see if my msg has been read

  15. Even though i hear that BBM is really useful i don’t want to buy a BB just for BBM so i’m looking for alternative choices that i can use on WM7 and Android.
    As i searched i came up to CrossTalk and i thought this was it but now i’m not really sure about it after i’ve read the comments.

    So, do you have any other suggestions to contact with BBM users without buying a BB?

  16. @Elf – CrossTalk died in litigation limbo. RIM went on a rampage and killed a competitive product and that meant Crosstalkw as enver released. For WP7 and Android you can use Kik Messenger or WhatsApp or just use hte standard MSN Messenger since that’s already built into your phone and they can load it as well. Facebook chat should work as well (built into WP7 and I think they can use an app on Android. GChat has apps too

  17. @David K Can Kik Messenger or WhatsApp contact with BBM or do the BB owners have to have them downloaded on their phone? I need get informations about this; ı don’t need a BB right now but ı want to keep in touch with my friends who uses only BBM.

  18. @David K When ı’ve searched some informations about BBM ı saw that ıt was avaılable on other platforms but on 2009 ıt’s a pity ıt’s not avaılable now.
    Thank you very much anyway!

  19. Personally I use Nimbuzz ( which just incoporated most major IMs, AIM, Gtalk, ymessenger, WLM, Facebook chat. But you need to log in with a user name and password. However it does not cross platform with BBM. A BB owner still has to install and log into any of the above apps to talk to you. And BB guys couldn’t be bothered. They’s got BBM and that’s it.

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  21. everyone is babling about bbm.To me BBM is like disease in need of antibiotics. No wonder everybody is getting fat coz they just sit on a couch ant text. A BB is a piece of crap handset but the software integration isgood.Go a samsung or a nokia or random any android handset and u have power in ur hands. name one think a BB can do the other can’t and i will post 20 things a BB cant do the other device can. I drive BMW u migh drive volkswagen…. get over it..

  22. I like my BB, because you pay ‘n fixed fee for unlimited internet usage and BBM is a bonus. I want to move to Android as the future at RIM looks grim, but I am not sure about the move. Then I read about ChatON from Samsung, but I don’t think it’ll be the same. With the BB you don’t need a special data plan. You are just always connected and it doesn’t cost anything extra…. I truly hope that RIM can pull back from the brink and come back with a bang!!

  23. WhatsApp works on BB, android,iphone and pretty much anything else.
    And does everything BBM does.

    Instead of a pin it looks at phone numbers in your contacts – you can message anyone in your phonebook running whatsapp. Its always on running in the background if installed.

  24. i can fully agree. whatsapp is much better. it’s basically free, always runs in the background. if you have to always be updated with everyone’s comments and other things, and need to constantly be on the internet 24/7 shame you have no life. that goes for most of BlackBerry users.

    the young youth (which i am part of) spend every free minute of the day with their eyes glued to their phone responding to the stupidest broadcasts and updating their status, eg “i’m board”, to be honest no one gives a rat’s ass if you board. Instead of updating your status and waiting for some one to reply, leave home do something and leave your phone at home, you won’t die with out it.

    the funniest is when a group of people “go out”. they spend most of the time on their phone that they might as well stay at home. I had a get together at my house and noticed the phone problem. i took all their phones placed them in the safe. there was much more laughter and socializing going on. THEY ADMITTED THAT THEY HAD A GOOD TIME.

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