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CrossTalk – IM and BBM App Coming To Android, iPhone and WP7

imageOne of the reasons people stick with Blackberry’s is the ability to BBM (which I’ve never fully understand but I’ll let it go). Anyway, the ability to instant message through Gtalk, AIM, MSN, Facebook and BBM is coming thanks to CrossTalk. They note “Now your Blackberry users can BBM your GTalk Android users or anyone else.” They state that Android is coming late August (which they now say a beta is coming late August or early September) and via Twitter they’ve confirmed that it’s coming to iPhone and WP7 in late September or October. I’m not sure how they’ll pull off the BBM capabilities as it requires a BBM PIM but I’ll let them reveal their secret. If this works it can really put a dent on Blackberry since those BB users are hooked on BBM (seriously, it’s just texting with the ability to see if a message is read – get over it).

via WMExperts