Stop telling me that loud music damages my ears every few days. Did you ever consider that I hate my ears and they deserve to be sonically abused and bled to death from punishing metal blast and unstoppable breakdowns? You are not my nanny, my mom, my otolaryngologist, or my neglected conscience. You are my phone and my chosen instrument of auditory destruction. Obey my ear drum destroying commands and bring on the metal! Do any other phones do this? Does it piss you off when companies tell you dumb shit you already know? Sound off below regardless of the fact that I can’t hear you due to loud music or hearing loss. Pick one.


  1. Neither my Android nor my WinMo devices did this.
    But atleast Nokia would be free of liability.
    I set up my wife to use her WP8 device in her car for music. She quickly changed back to an MP3 player.
    Maybe WP8 as a music player isn’t so Great

  2. What didn’t she like about it? I’ve used mine since I got my GTI for Bluetooth streaming and its worked great. With my music pass I just got for this year I’m loving it even more to have pretty much every song at my fingertips.

    • I guess the controls were not as readily available.
      Old WnMo, and My Android, both have music controls on the home screen. Not available on WP8, or atleast not persistant.

  3. I’ll do you one better. How about on the lock screen? Like when you hit a single button to wake it up it’s just there without having to get to your home screen. I use Bluetooth so I never have to even pick up my phone once it starts playing. Just press advance, pause, or rewind on my radio.

    • My Sony MW1 Bluetooth device has full music controls.
      I also installed a new app called “Floating Music Controls” that puts a persistant icon on any sceeen I am using, for when I am not using BT.
      Usually my device is on and unlocked when I play music.

  4. Well, not exactly related but we bought a Passat, latest model, the damn thing doesn’t seem to do stereo with bluetooth. Tried multiple phones, checked the VW forums, definitely the car. Brought it to the dealer, they said they’d update the firmware, no dice. Gotta use the ol’ Y cable.

  5. I had the same problem when I first got mine. You have start playing Bluetooth music BEFORE the car will recognize and give you the option to switch to it. This is why I changed my radio out.

  6. And you should know due to your horn blast when locking the car debacle that dealerships dont know dick about the cars they sell.

    • Ok, Matt, sorry but could you elaborate a little more on your issue because I can turn my volume to any level I want.

      • Every once in a while when I start playing music, my phone turns the volume from 30 to 17 and shows me a warning about hearing loss. This has been happening since the 7.8 update. I ALWAYS have my volume at 30 so maybe that’s why I get the message. Either way, my phone shouldn’t be telling me what to do with my ears. I use q-tips to clean my earholes and listen to loud music. Im a bad person. You dont have to send me messages and mess with my volume to tell me that. Next thing you know my windows phone is stealing my q-tips. Bastards…

  7. @Matt, ok gotcha. I have a Titan so I don’t have the 7.8 update. I agree that’s bull.

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