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Dear Nokia, AT&T and MS: Your Silence On The Nokia 900 Is Not Good Advertising

The Nokia Lumia 900 is supposed to be hitting AT&T shelves on March 18 for $99. Check your calendar and you’ll notice that it’s coming up. Check AT&T’s website and you’ll notice…almost nothing. No confirmation of date and unless you’re going out of your way looking for information about the phone, you’ll never find it on your own. There’s no official  pricing. There’s no launch web page. TV ads? Nope. It’s almost like this is part of an ongoing stealth marketing technique that’s being tested, like Field of Dreams styles (if you launch it they will come) but this isn’t Hollywood.

In fact, check out this page from AT&T (which discusses 2012 4G LTE releases) and what phone is dominant?

We’ve heard the rumors that Verizon dropped Nokia and that the other carriers and manufacturers are waiting for Apollo. Unfortunately this is the same story we’ve heard since the initial launch. There’s always the next release to wait for whether it was 7.5 or Nokia or something else but there’s clearly no traction in the US here. And beyond that there’s no attempt at traction as AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft seem to be boxed in and with only one device launching on one carrier (and the iPad HD set to take the media’s tech attention for the balance of the week) there’s little more than tech sites talking about Windows Phones and the launch of the “game changing” Lumia 900.

So we do what we do…and wait. I just hope the Apollo mission is a success because at this rate Microsoft isn’t going to make it to the moon…