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Angry Birds Slingshot Controller Concept [VIDEO]

The Angry Birds games remain the most popular for smartphones, tablets and PC’s but one has to wonder when that will begin to fade and what will Rovio do next to maintain it’s enormously popular game? How about a Slingshot Controller and TNT Box to add some more physical engagement to the game where all we have is swiping and mouse gestures!

Students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design have developed a prototype slingshot controller and TNT Box that required a lot brainpower to conquer all the mathematics you’ll see on the dry erase board in the video below. I have lost a lot of interest in Angry Birds having been majorly addicted to it when I got my first iPhone, but adding this slingshot controller concept to the game will easily suck those lost or recovering Angry Bird addicts back into the game help Rovio reap a hefty profit at the same time.

Slingshot Controller concept is being called the Super Angry Birds controller and there is no doubt that this won’t be another huge shot in the arm for the Angry Birds Franchise!