While Simmons was looking for kool-aid over at Androidcentral.com he stumbled on this bit of news.  Seems one of the guys over at MoDaCo has already rooted the sucker, allowing for all that awesome under-the-hood access and my personal favorite: removing all the ads in Android.  Now we just need someone who can figure out how the hell to crack the Incredible.


  1. I’m trying to make sense of this but it was reported by a bunch of sites about a week ago that the Incredible was rooted and then the next day a bunch of sites reported that it was a false alarm, a hoax.

    But this xda thread seems to say that it’s doable but only, so far, by means (maybe theoretical) of a naughty kernel hack, raising some sort of ethical and security concerns that I don’t fully understand.

    Anyway, for our purposes, you’re right, no Incredible root yet but given the demand for it, the rising popularity of the device and how quickly almost every device, Android and others, gets rooted even sometimes before they are released, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t happen in the next few days, and subsequently, like maybe a day or two later, Froyo gets shoved onto it successfully.

  2. My buddy has a family plan with Verizon that has four lines for just himself so that he can upgrade every few months on the cheap. He carries around one phone while the others just sit around as empty lines with no usage. He’s got the Incredible and loves the hardware but is missing the root access he had with his Droid. I have to hear about this crap all day long. When I told him this was rooted before it got released he was pissed.

  3. i was beginning to contemplate i may possibly end up being the only student whom thought about this, at the very least now i find out im not insane :) i will make it a point to see a couple of several other articles right after i get a tad of caffeine in me, it’s not easy to read without having my coffee adios for now :)

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